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Hello I’m Pete Caldwell formerly Regional Director, West Midlands.

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I will be providing regular updates concerning the WEA and wider adult educational issues.  I will also blog occasionally on other interests such as mountain walking, politics, reading and travel.

Please feel free to leave comments and queries relating to the content on the blog.

The views expressed in my blogs are my own and not those of the WEA.

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  1. Hi Pete
    I enjoyed the blog on Curriculum and the notion of regions of the WEA leading in particular areas. How do you envisage this being “divided up”? Do you envisage regions “bidding” to lead on particular curriculum areas, or a more national approach where regions are invited to lead on areas where the centre knows they are the strongest? – speaking personally, it’s not obvious from within a region where its strengths and weaknesses lie compared to all the other regions.

    see you (this evening! – it’s 8/11/11)
    Tim (Hollins)

  2. Doug Potter permalink

    Hi Pete,
    Browsed your name on a whim, thought i would say hello.
    If you are not my old buddy from Sussex Uni – apolgies!

    • Pete Caldwell permalink

      Hello; it is the same me and I remember you well from Sussex…hoping you’re keeping well, Pete

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